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Welcome and Objectives

Welcome to Contextualized Instruction! We expect you will find this course to be a beneficial learning experience. Using the principles taught in this course will help you design and deliver more meaningful and effective instruction for your students.

In this course you will:

  • Learn what contextualized instruction is
  • See examples of contextualized instruction
  • Discover how to plan contextualized lessons
  • Access contextualized instruction resources

Navigation and Downloads

Reflection Guide

As you continue through this course you will find reflection questions for each section. They will help you process your thoughts as you move through the course. All the questions can be found in the Reflection Guide, a Word document you can download and use to put in your answers and notes. CLICK HERE to download the Reflection Guide

As you move through the course there will be two other Word documents that you can download and modify for use in your classroom. Let’s get started learning about contextualized instruction!